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Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. We have a research and development, supply chain, production, sales, engineering, quality inspection, and after-sales service of the entire process team, that has applied for more than 160 patents. The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and has obtained the Shanghai high-tech enterprise and software enterprise certificate. The products have passed UL, CSA, TÜV, CGC, CE, etc.

Fonrich focuses on the field of photovoltaic new energy and focuses on the development and application of "Module-level" security protection and digital management technology for PV rapid shutdown, DC arc fault detector, photovoltaic power optimizer, combiner box monitoring, module-level monitoring, refined cloud management system, etc.
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Maximize your solar energy efficiency

Help you meet safety codes, monitor your solar panel at the module level, maximize your solar power generation,
or reduce the effect of anomaly, shadowing, soiling, Fonrich is here.


Fonrich optimizers increase the power generation of your solar panels to the maximum while minimizing losses due to shading, module mismatch, degradation and other issues


Through self-developed intelligent apps, we provide you with precise module level monitoring, diagnose anomalies at the component level, timely detect solar panel issues, and reduce maintenance costs


Fonrich solar solutions meet US NEC rapid shutdown compliance and other safety codes to protect first responders and are required in many countries. Other Fonrich products have also passed UL, CAS, TÜV, CE and other certifications


 combiner box communication
China Iron Tower Group Base Station Photovoltaic Project
68MW photovoltaic optimization solution
10MWPLC combiner box communication
China Huaneng Group Intelligent Roof Distributed Photovoltaic Project
5.8MW Security Intelligent RSD Solution




In the field of Solar protection, Fonrich has over ten years of experience, and our solutions cover a wide variety of scenarios which can help you to solve the problems.
Solar protection Devices and Solutions Expert, just right here.

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