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Guarding the Safety of Solar EnergyLighting the Future of Green Power

MLPE | Module Level Arc Detection | Smart Monitoring
Guarding the Safety of Solar Energy
Lighting the Future of Green Power

Everything is Centered by the ProductsPutting Fonrich in the Customer’s Shoes

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Everything is Centered by the Products
Putting Fonrich in the Customer's Shoes

Professional Level Photovoltaic ProtectionTechnology Protects Green Energy

No.1 PLC Communication RSD Product SupplierModule Level Data Monitoring, Smart Operation and Maintenance

Smart DataVisual Management of Power Plant Assets

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Specialized in PV DC AFCI Protection Smart Control

Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. We have a research and development, supply chain, production, sales, engineering, quality inspection, and after-sales service of the entire process team.

The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and has obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise and software enterprise.

We focuse on the development and application of “Module Level” security protection and digital management technology for PV rapid shutdown, DC arc fault detector, PV power optimizer, combiner box monitoring, module level monitoring, refined cloud management system etc. Our products have passed UL, CSA, TÜV, CGC, CE, etc.

170+Inventions Patents
8,800m²Automated Production Lines
Over 30%Continuous Investment in R&D
VariousInternational Certifications


Smart safety protection device (smart shutdown) has rapid shutdown, module-level arc protection, string break detection, smart data monitoring, etc. It can disconnect the output of each module to safeguard the safety of the power plant.


Smart safety optimizer can increase the power generation of solar modules and address power generation losses caused by module mismatches such as partial shadow shading. Adapt to mainstream third-party inverter brands. At the same time, the connections between modules in a PV system can be quickly shut down in an emergency, eliminating the DC high voltage present in the array and reducing the risk of electrocution.

SafeSolar cloud Platform

The SafeSolar cloud platform and APP provide comprehensive, real-time module-level monitoring, as well as arc-fault localization, early warning and plant log data for the full range of Fonrich’s MLPE products, meeting the different needs of end users and installers.


Arc Fault detector

The arc fault detector is a safety device for detecting and identifying DC arc faults in PV systems. It can quickly and accurately detect whether a real arc occurs in the DC line. And it is widely used in such scenarios as: energy storage inverters, PV convergence boxes, DC cabinets, telecom rooms, communication base stations, etc.


The combiner box monitoring system is used to monitor the working status, such as: string current monitoring, voltage monitoring, combiner box temperature monitoring, circuit breaker, lightning protection alarm status monitoring, arc alarm and other functions, a variety of specifications of Hall sensors, the maximum support for 32 channels, support RS485 communication.


Since its establishment in 2011, we have served more than 2,000+ enterprises, and reached strategic cooperation with outstanding enterprises from all walks of life to provide quality services.

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