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Over extended operation periods, the risk of DC arcing in PV power plants increases. Uneven solar radiation causes non-uniform charge accumulation on PV module surfaces, leading to charge aggregation and discharge, which can form a DC arc.

Additionally, factors such as loose connectors, cracked cells, humidity, temperature, and wind speed can contribute to charge build-up and discharge, further increasing the risk of DC arcing. In severe cases, the high temperatures generated by DC arcs may cause fires, posing a significant threat to the safety of the PV power plant.

More Economical and Safer

The String Arc Protection Box FR-AFCI-B16C is designed to address the lack of appropriate detection and protection on the DC side of distributed PV power stations. This integrated smart protection device combines DC arc detection, protection, and early warning, supporting up to 16 channels. Its patented DC arc extinguishing technology ensures the safety of the power plant without affecting normal power generation.