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Industrial Rooftops

Why is Fonrich Suitable for Factory Roofs? 

Distributed PV power plants constructed on factory roofs allow enterprises to adopt a self-generation and self-consumption electricity model, with surplus power integrated into the national grid.

Firstly, enterprises can prioritize using electricity produced by their PV power plants, reducing electricity costs in the production process and thereby lowering overall energy consumption.

Secondly, any excess electricity after self-consumption can be fed into the national grid. This not only contributes to the social electricity supply but also generates income from electricity fees, enhancing the competitive advantage of the enterprise.

More Safety and Peace of Mind 

Ensuring the safety of people, goods, and machinery both above and below a factory roof is critical. The Fonrich MLPE system includes built-in multi-layer security features, enabling proactive, real-time system monitoring and compliance with industry safety standards.