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City Level Residential PV Protection Solution

China has abundant and widely distributed rooftop resources, offering immense potential for the development and construction of rooftop distributed PV systems. Promoting the installation of rooftop solar across entire counties, cities, and districts enables resource integration for intensive development, reduces peak electricity loads, optimizes investment in distribution networks, and encourages residents to use green energy. This initiative is a crucial step towards achieving the national goals of “Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral” and rural revitalization.

Optimization – Enhanced Power Generation

The Fonrich MLPE series mitigates the effects of module mismatches caused by shading and other factors, maximizing the efficiency of your PV power generation and ensuring you get the most out of your PV installation.

Digital Monitoring – Module-Level Visualization

The Fonrich SafeSolar Cloud Platform offers module-level data monitoring, enabling you to view current and historical generation output, power, and other key metrics. This platform allows you or your installers to remotely identify and address issues, ensuring optimal performance of your PV system.

Safety – Rapid and Secure Module-Level Shutdown

The Fonrich MLPE product family provides fast and safe shutdown of connections between modules in a PV system during emergencies. This eliminates the DC high voltage present in the array, significantly reducing the risk of electrocution.