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True Residential Rooftop Safety Solution

Residential PV power generation involves installing small solar power devices on family rooftops, requiring flexible, customized installation and scaling based on the roof’s shape and characteristics. This approach does not occupy usable land. However, as more families adopt home PV systems, improving the safety and revenue security of these power plants has become a critical focus for the PV industry.

Optimization – Enhanced Power Generation

The Fonrich Solar Optimizer mitigates the effects of module mismatches caused by shading and other factors, improving the efficiency of PV power generation. This ensures you maximize the output from your PV installation.

Digital Monitoring – Module level visualization

The Fonrich SafeSolar Cloud Platform provides module-level data monitoring, allowing real-time and historical viewing of generation output, power, and other essential metrics. This capability enables you or your installers to remotely identify and resolve issues efficiently.

Safety – Rapid and Secure Module-Level Shutdown

The Fonrich MLPE product family ensures fast and secure shutdown of module connections in PV systems during emergencies. This feature eliminates DC high voltage within the array, significantly reducing the risk of electrocution.