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Floating PV

Enhancing the Value of Your Floating PV System

Floating PV solar energy is a cost-effective renewable energy investment that can be installed on large reservoirs, ocean surfaces, and ponds. It offers added benefits such as reducing land use, lowering water evaporation rates, and slowing down algae growth.

While these innovative power plants provide significant advantages, they also present unique challenges. However, longer string lengths and lower installation costs make floating PV systems a leaner and more efficient investment.

Safer with Lower O&M Costs

Fonrich’s advanced safety features, including Maximum Suitable Point Tracking (MSPT), Arc Fault Detection, Rapid Shutdown, and Smart Data Monitoring, eliminate power loss due to module mismatches, boosting power generation yields by 5%-25%. These features also prevent fires, safeguarding lives and property.

For water-based solar systems, where access is vessel-dependent, on-site monitoring and maintenance are more complex. SafeSolar’s module-level cloud-based platform offers remote fault detection, troubleshooting, and high system visibility, reducing both time and labor costs for maintenance.