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Ground Mount

As PV power plant development progresses, high-quality mountainous project resources are increasingly scarce. Steep terrain, remote transportation, and wide distribution are becoming common characteristics of mountain power plants. These factors make development and construction challenging and complicate daily operation and maintenance efforts.

More Energy, Higher Power Generation

PV mismatch is an unavoidable issue in solar energy systems, caused by factors such as stains on modules, uneven terrain, bird droppings, temperature variations, different aging rates of solar modules, and partial shading. Fonrich systems utilize module-level Maximum Suitable Point Tracking (MSPT) to reduce power loss from module mismatch, thereby maximizing the power generation of the entire system. entire system.

Flexible Design to Scale up System Builds and Increase Revenue

To avoid power loss from shading, solar modules are typically not installed around obstacles like trees. However, the Fonrich system allows for the installation of solar modules in partially shaded areas, maximizing land use and enabling the installation of more modules to increase the scale of the system. Additionally, it is compatible with mainstream inverter brands, reducing overall system costs.