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  • Fonrich New Energy Visits Shanghai Dongfang Finance and Economics' Creating a Winning Future: Being a Smart Steward of Photovoltaic Power Stations!
    April 8thMs. Qi Lina from Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., LtdWill be invited to participateOriental Finance · Pudong Channel's "Creating a Winning Future" New Energy Special ProgramLecture on the theme of "Being a Smart Housekeeper of Photovoltaic Power Plants"Fonrich (Shanghai)
  • Fonrich & China Tower Group 62MW base station photovoltaic project
    On June 14, 2022, Shanghai Electric Power issued an announcement: the company won the bid for the distributed photovoltaic development rights of the 62MW base station of the Zhejiang Branch of China Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Tower"). The project is located in Zhejiang Province and involves about 11,500 computer room roofs and 6,900 cabinets of China Tower in Zhejiang. It is planned to build about 62MW of distributed photovoltaics. It uses DC micro-grid power supply technology to provide green power for the tower base station, and the power generation can reach 100% consumption.
  • Fonrich new employee induction training activities
    In order to help new employees quickly complete their role changes and speed up their integration into the vigorous atmosphere of the company's business development, on the afternoon of November 9th, Fonrich's new employee induction training was held in the company's conference room. In order to improve the effect of this training, Zhang Yong, general manager of Fonrich, personally gave lectures to help new employees deepen their understanding of the company, get familiar with the rules and regulations as soon as possible, and at the same time make the content of the training more substantial and effective.
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