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Fonrich & China Tower Group 62MW base station photovoltaic project


On June 14, 2022, Shanghai Electric Power issued an announcement: the company won the bid for the distributed photovoltaic development rights of the 62MW base station of the Zhejiang Branch of China Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Tower"). The project is located in Zhejiang Province and involves about 11,500 computer room roofs and 6,900 cabinets of China Tower in Zhejiang. It is planned to build about 62MW of distributed photovoltaics. It uses DC micro-grid power supply technology to provide green power for the tower base station, and the power generation can reach 100% consumption.


Fonrich New Energy has been based in the photovoltaic industry for more than ten years, focusing on the development and application of "module-level" security protection, digital management, and power conversion products and solutions for distributed photovoltaic power plants, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of photovoltaic power plants and creating value for customers.



Recently, Fonrich New Energy was pleased to receive a cooperation notice from the partner. Fonrich, as the first supplier, provided 20,000 smart controllers for the project in the first phase. This product is the core component of the DC microgrid system. Each photovoltaic module is equipped with a smart controller to realize independent MPPT for each module. The output voltage is configurable and the efficiency is as high as 99%. The power generation system adopts a parallel structure. When a certain component is abnormal, other components are not affected, which greatly reduces the loss of power generation. During the cooperation process of this project, the Fonrich team firmly established the concept of "customer-centric, innovative value", actively responded to customer needs, customized development solutions for customers, and facilitated the "safe, energy-saving, efficient, and reliable" operation of base station distributed photovoltaics.



In mid-November 2022, the first batch of component smart controllers will be successfully delivered with the unremitting efforts of all Fonrich New Energy employees, and will be sent to various sites soon.



On the eve of product delivery, Shanghai Electric Group Smart Energy Company, as a system integrator, appointed Manager Zhou of the Purchasing Department to visit our company for inspection and guidance. Huaiwei Yan deputy general manager of the company gave customers a comprehensive introduction to the development history of Fonrich and the entire process of research and development, supply chain, production, quality inspection, and after-sales of various products of the company, and accompanied customers to visit Fonrich's various product production lines, laboratories, Aging platform, company test power station. Through the inspection, Manager Zhou fully affirmed Fonrich's timely response-ability and R&D strength in cooperation with central state-owned enterprises.




Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has a full-process team of R&D, supply chain, production, sales, engineering, quality inspection, and after-sales service. The company focuses on the field of photovoltaic new energy. At present, it supplies products in batches: module quick shutdown, module intelligent controller, photovoltaic power optimizer, combiner box monitoring, arc sensor, and module-level safety protection and digital management system. 

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