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  • Connection method of the cable on the Hall sensor

    (1)The red part of the line is in the same direction as the small white box on the Hall sensor;(2)Cable connection method, as shown below:

  • Host module "DC+, DC-" terminal connection method

    (1)The positive input line is connected to the green terminal of “DC+”;(2)The negative input line is connected to the green terminal of “DC-”;(3)When wiring, be sure to tighten the terminals to avoid arcing.(4)The wiring of the busbar is as shown below:

  • "A, B" terminal connection method

    (1) Connect the 485 twisted pair communication cable to the "A, B" terminal of the host module; (2) Connect the communication shielding lines between the combiner boxes in series and ground them at the communication management machine;(3) Be sure to tighten the "A, B" terminals when wiring;(4) The

  • The connection mode of the switch quantity "DI1, DI2" terminal

    (1) Under normal circumstances, the switch quantity “DI1” is the circuit breaker terminal, “DI2” is the lightning protection terminal, and these two terminals can also be used interchangeably; (2) the "SG" terminal is a common terminal; (3) Tighten the terminals such as “DI1, DI2, SG” and tighten th

  • The connection mode of the "TS, SG" terminals

    (1) Connect the temperature sensor to the “TS, SG” terminal; (2) When connecting the temperature sensor, tighten the “TS, SG” terminals tightly; (3) When the temperature sensor is connected, there is no positive or negative, and it can be connected at will; (4) temperature sensor connection, as show

  • "FG" connection method

    (1) Connect the ground wire to the “FG” terminal; (2) Tighten the “FG” terminal tightly when wiring; (3) On the other side of the grounding wire, connect it to the grounding box of the combiner box. The shorter the grounding wire, the better. (4) The connection method of the grounding wire is as sho

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