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  • Fonrich & China Tower Group 62MW base station photovoltaic project

    On June 14, 2022, Shanghai Electric Power issued an announcement: the company won the bid for the distributed photovoltaic development rights of the 62MW base station of the Zhejiang Branch of China Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Tower"). The project is located in Zhejiang Province and involves about 11,500 computer room roofs and 6,900 cabinets of China Tower in Zhejiang. It is planned to build about 62MW of distributed photovoltaics. It uses DC micro-grid power supply technology to provide green power for the tower base station, and the power generation can reach 100% consumption.

  • What is rapid shutdown and why is important ?

    What is Rapid shutdown Device?Rapid shutdown is an electrical safety requirement set by the National Electrical Code (NEC) for solar panel systems. Rapid shutdown is written into NEC as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We hope that the fire hazards will not happen, but if

  • Fonrich new employee induction training activities

    In order to help new employees quickly complete their role changes and speed up their integration into the vigorous atmosphere of the company's business development, on the afternoon of November 9th, Fonrich's new employee induction training was held in the company's conference room. In order to improve the effect of this training, Zhang Yong, general manager of Fonrich, personally gave lectures to help new employees deepen their understanding of the company, get familiar with the rules and regulations as soon as possible, and at the same time make the content of the training more substantial and effective.

  • Distributed pv power station DC arc and fire "safety" hidden danger --- application scenario risk analysis

    Under the national dual-carbon policy, photovoltaic power generation will play the main role in the future energy structure, and will also enter a new era of vigorous development. In 2021, the newly added capacity of distributed photovoltaic power plants exceeds that of centralized power pla

  • If the main controller has a black screen, how to solve it? Solution:

    ① Check whether the power cord and the positive and negative terminals are connected tightly, and whether there is any false connection or missing connection;② Except for the power cord and grounding wire, remove all the wires, power off the host and restart it to see if it recovers. If it doe

  • If the main controller(FR-DCMG-MMP?) has a flickering screen, how to solve it?

    There are two types of main controller splash screens:2.1 —Communication splash screen2.2 —Powered splash screen

  • If the main controller(FR-DCMG-MMP?) has no communication or poor communication, how to solve it?

    ① First check the main controller baud rate, parity bit, address, etc., whether the settings are correct; ② Confirm whether the communication wire used is standard, 485 twisted pair shielded wire; ③ Confirm whether there is a virtual connection between the communication line and the host "A

  • What situations need to replace the Hall Sensor

    ① The branch shows a negative current. The negative current is greater than 2A, but when the ruler gauge has no negative current, it needs to be replaced;② No current is displayed on the branch circuit. The current meter measures the current and is greater than 1A, which needs to be replaced;③

  • Cautions after the Main Control Module replacement

    Press the "SET" key to enter the Modbus parameter setting interface. The Modbus parameter setting is as follows:

  • How to replace the Main Control Module

    Note: Operate in sequence, do not operate (2) first, then (1), otherwise an arc will occur (1)Disconnect ① circuit breaker; (2)Pull out all positive and negative fuses; (3)Multimeter measurement confirms that the voltage between modules PV + and PV- is 0v; (4)Display all the wiring marks

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