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What is rapid shutdown and why is important ?


What is Rapid shutdown Device?


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Rapid shutdown is an electrical safety requirement set by the National Electrical Code (NEC) for solar panel systems. Rapid shutdown is written into NEC as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We hope that the fire hazards will not happen, but if there is a fire, the firefighters can use the rapid shutdown solution to cut off the power of your solar panel system at the first time, so as to prevent them from causing greater disasters.

Why is rapid shutdown important?


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We can turn off the inverter to prevent the energy generated by the modules from passing through the inverter. However, the solar modules continue to generate electricity when exposed to sunlight, which creates current and voltage on the wires between the modules and the inverter. That's why the rapid shutdown code requires the shutdown to occur at the module level power electronics (MLPE) or microinverter to fulfill this function.


Did the inverter solve the problem?


Surprisingly, the simple act of turning off your solar inverter doesn't always keep you safe. With some inverter setups, the wires and circuits can remain energized even if the inverter is turned off, which increases the risk of firefighters working on your roof, potentially causing even more hazards. That’s the reason why we need a solar rapid shutdown system.

Where is the NEC effective?


Source: NFPA

Data shown as of December 1, 2022. The 2020 NEC took effect in 25 states of the United States, the 2017 NEC took effect in 17 states of the United States, the 2014 NEC took effect in two states of the United States, and the 2008 NEC took effect in two states of the United States.


Fonrich Solar Rapid Shutdown Solutions

Fonrich places great emphasis on rapid shutdown, especially at the module level. Fonrich has been committed to solar module-level protection products for ten years, and Fonrich's module-level rapid shutdown system complies with NEC 2017 and NEC 2020 (690.12) requirements. Fonrich FR-PVMS series products can protect the safety of employees and prevent fire and burnout of solar panels in the event of overheating of solar panels, arc faults and arc leakage.


As photovoltaic new energy plays an increasingly important role in the energy field, NEC's requirements are becoming more and more essential. Fonrich's component-level rapid shutdown systems and solutions have more than 1,000 practical project cases. The practical experience makes Fonrich and Fonrich's solar protection products deeply trusted by customers. If you want to know more, you can contact us through the dashboard and contact form.

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