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DC Arc Fault Detector

Key Features
  • Modular design, each module can support 4 channels at the same time
  • Integrated current measurement
  • Channel maximum current ± 15A
  • The alarm signal is open-drain output, adapt to various alarm levels
  • local data to be uploaded via the RS485 bus without external wiring and equipment

  • UL1699B compliance eligible


   FR-DCMG-AS4A DC Arc-Fault Detector   

    FR-DCMG-AS4A DC arc monitoring sensor products are mainly used in DC transmission, power distribution and other occasions, such as PV combiner box, DC cabinet, telecommunications room, communication base station, etc., real-time detection of fault arc in DC circuit, once fault arc occurs Immediately issue an alarm signal to inform the inverter or other actuators to cut off the fault circuit and effectively prevent fire hazards such as fires caused by arcs.

Dimensional drawing


Certifications  Download
FE-DCMG-AS4A FR-DCMG-AS4A_CSA_Letter_of_Attestation.pdf

User Manual  Download



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