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With over 370 active patent families around the world and more pending, Enphase Energy is a global leader in energy technology. We're committed to developing the most innovative tools to deliver on a vision of energy independence for all. The patents listed below are just the tip of the iceberg in our drive towards the democratization of energy management.


Name Introduction Download
2007229854 Method and apparatus for converting direct current to alternating current Download
201120335753.X PV bus monitor with integrated grounding monitoring and grounding line selection Download
201120335763.3 A PV bus and current monitoring structure Download
201120415579.X A PV bus structure with integrated fuse Download
201120556262.8 Push-in bus unit with integrated current monitoring Download
201120556275.5 Electric actuator to prevent motor runaway when the main controller fails Download
201120556819.8 A circuit structure for preventing the motor from running out of control in an electric actuator Download
201120576661.0 An early warning device for monitoring whether the busbar is in good contact Download
201210425994.2 DC Insulation Monitor Download
201220187140.0 Modular Non-Contact PV Bus Monitor Download
201220240800.7 PV Bus Monitoring Current Sensor Download
201220335573.6 Zero loss PV current anti-reverse monitor Download
201220730055.4 Actuator valve position sensor Download
201320243286.7 Buck-Boost Bidirectional DC Converter Download
201320243290.3 Bidirectional DC Converter Topology Download
201320317011.3 A Modular PV Convergence Monitor Download
201420171285.0 Zero-drift magnetic modulation current sensor Download
201510019547.0 Flexible battery management system Download
201510019547.0 Flexible battery management system Download
201510027145.5 Zero-drift magnetic modulation current sensor Download





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