Fonrich PV Rapid Shutdown with Monitoring Introduction

PV rapid shutdown is one of the important safety equipment of distributed solar system, its role is to protect the life safety of firefighters and maintenance personnel when the solar building needs maintenance or fire rescue. Prevent the danger of electric shock. Fonrich New Energy Company has been exploring this product since 2016. After five years of exploration and practice, the final product has finally come out...

What's PV Rapid Shutdown, PVRSS

NEC 2017 690.12 PV rapid shutdown is very important

A photovoltaic rapid shutdown system (PVRSS) provides a means for firefighters to stop or reduce the voltage from the PV array, so they can stay as safe as possible from electrical hazards while still doing their jobs efficiently.

Related Code, NEC 2017 690.12

Starting in 2014, the U.S. National Electric Code® (NEC®), also known as National Fire Protection Association 70® (NFPA 70®), added Sec. 690.12. This section included requirements for PV rapid shutdown (PVRS) functions to be installed on buildings where PV arrays are installed. PVRSE / PVRSS requirements also appear in the 2017 NEC.

These requirements were intended to reduce the firefighter electric shock hazards posed from energized PV array conductors located outside the array boundary. NEC Sec. 690.12 defined which conductors had to be controlled, the allowable voltage and the allowable maximum time to reach that reduced voltage. The NEC required that equipment performing these new rapid shutdown functions “shall be listed,” but at that time there was no safety standard addressing rapid shutdown equipment or systems implementing this function.

NEC 2017 690.12 PV Rapid Shutdown

Fonrich PVRSS with Monitoring - Features

  1. Rapid Shutdown Meets NEC 2017 & 2020(690.12) requirements
  2. Integrates current, voltage, temperature, power monitoring
  3. Hi-speed Bidirectional PLC communication
  4. Max 25A big current support
  5. Fonrich own technology, without IP risk

Fonrich PVRSS with Monitoring - Architecture

Fonrich PV Rapid Shutdown with Monitoring, NEC 2017 690.12

Fonrich PVRSS with monitoring contains:

  1. Tail Modules, intalled at each solar panel, on backplane or rack
  2. Controll box, or some other box includes:

    • Controller/Gateway: local LCD display, emergency stop switch and communication with the cloud
    • Head Module: communication with tails modules
  3. Cloud side connection and mobiel APPP. Whole historial data logging and advanced analytics.

Tail Module

PV Rapid Shutdown with Monitoring, PVRSS, Tail module, Receiver Module


  • PV Rapid Shutdown with monitoring each panel's current, voltage, temperature, power etc.
  • Hi-speed bidirectional PLC communicating with Head Module
  • Fonrich own IP

Controll Box

PV Rapid Shutdown with Monitoring, PVRSS, Controll box


  • Local LCD displays each pv module status and data
  • Meets NEC 2017 (690.12) requirements
  • Integrates PV rapid shutdown and powerup switch
  • Cloud side connecting with RJ45 or WIFI

The main components in this box are "Head Module" and "Controller"

PV Rapid Shutdown with Monitoring, PVRSS, Transimitter, Gateway

The left is Head Module, and the right is Controller. The Controller is also the cloud gateway.


Fonrich all repply mobile app to config installation, remote monitoring and data analytics.

Controller is an IoT Gateway

The controller can be used as IoT gateway to integrates more features and connects more devices in field.

  • MQTT connects with cloud side. RJ45、WiFi、4G(optional)
  • RS485 connects with local devices
  • Local LCD
  • IP65 and UV-Proof design

If you has customized design request, welcome, please feel free to contact us.

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