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  • Distributed pv power station DC arc and fire "safety" hidden danger --- application scenario risk analysis

    Under the national dual-carbon policy, photovoltaic power generation will play the main role in the future energy structure, and will also enter a new era of vigorous development. In 2021, the newly added capacity of distributed photovoltaic power plants exceeds that of centralized power pla

  • If the main controller has a black screen, how to solve it? Solution:

    ① Check whether the power cord and the positive and negative terminals are connected tightly, and whether there is any false connection or missing connection;② Except for the power cord and grounding wire, remove all the wires, power off the host and restart it to see if it recovers. If it doe

  • If the main controller(FR-DCMG-MMP?) has a flickering screen, how to solve it?

    There are two types of main controller splash screens:2.1 —Communication splash screen2.2 —Powered splash screen

  • If the main controller(FR-DCMG-MMP?) has no communication or poor communication, how to solve it?

    ① First check the main controller baud rate, parity bit, address, etc., whether the settings are correct; ② Confirm whether the communication wire used is standard, 485 twisted pair shielded wire; ③ Confirm whether there is a virtual connection between the communication line and the host "A

  • What situations need to replace the Hall Sensor

    ① The branch shows a negative current. The negative current is greater than 2A, but when the ruler gauge has no negative current, it needs to be replaced;② No current is displayed on the branch circuit. The current meter measures the current and is greater than 1A, which needs to be replaced;③

  • Cautions after the Main Control Module replacement

    Press the "SET" key to enter the Modbus parameter setting interface. The Modbus parameter setting is as follows:

  • How to replace the Main Control Module

    Note: Operate in sequence, do not operate (2) first, then (1), otherwise an arc will occur (1)Disconnect ① circuit breaker; (2)Pull out all positive and negative fuses; (3)Multimeter measurement confirms that the voltage between modules PV + and PV- is 0v; (4)Display all the wiring marks

  • What circumstances need to replace the Main Control Module

    (1) The Main Controller Module has a black screen. When the multimeter measures a DC voltage between PV + and PV-> 400v, the Main Control Module needs to be replaced.(2) The data of the combiner box cannot be viewed in the background, and the settings (baud rate, parity, address) of the monitori

  • Tools needed

  • Composition of the combiner box

    Composition of the combiner box

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