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String Level Combiner Box Monitoring

Key Features

  1. Supports up to 32 channels
  2. Local LED display, real-time of PV string information
  3. Can view the total power generation of each string
  4. RS485 or PLC communication
  5. Various specifications of Hall sensor, ±20A, ±30A, ±40A, ±60A
  6. Optional: Support shunt release trip

1000V~1700V Combiner Box Monitoring

A Gilgal 3 combiner box monitoring system supports 1000V/1700V PV systems, real-time monitoring of the string current, bus voltage, bus box temperature, switch status, and alarm output when abnormal data is obtained. The system supports RS485 or industrial wireless data transmission for data transmission.

Application Diagram of FR-DCMG

Wiring diagram of monitoring module


Selection table of FR-DCMG

Combiner Box Monitoring - Main Controllers
Model PV Voltage Power Supply Shunt Tripping Communication Current Monitoring Strings Digital/Switch Status Monitoring Temperature Sensors
converter integrated
24Vdc RS485 PLC
FR-DCMG-MMPD ≤1200v Yes - - Yes - 24 2 1
FR-DCMG-MMPU ≤1500v Yes - - Yes - 24 4 2
FR-DCMG-MMPL ≤1500v Yes - - Yes Yes 24 4 2
FR-DCMG-MMPP ≤1500v Yes - Yes Yes Yes 24 4 2
FR-DCMG-MMPQ ≤1700v Yes - - Yes - 24 4 2
FR-DCMG-MMPZ ≤1700v Yes - Yes Yes Yes 24 4 2
FR-DCMG-MMPS ≤1700v - Yes Yes Yes - 24 4 2
FR-DCMG-MMPY ≤1500v Yes - - Yes - 32 4 2



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