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  • An important part of photovoltaic power station intelligence, component-level monitoring
    In recent years, in order to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power plants, the power of photovoltaic modules has become larger and larger. With the increasing size of silicon wafers and the increasing efficiency of cells, it is inevitable that the current of components will continue to increase.
  • An important factor affecting the safety of photovoltaic power plants - arc fault
    In recent years, with the popularity of photovoltaics, more and more roofs have been covered with photovoltaics. However, whether at home or abroad, the incident of photovoltaic power plants on fire occurs frequently. Among them, 80% of the fires in the power station are caused by the fault of the D
  • Arc Detector | Escort for Rooftop Photovoltaic Safety
    Through a safe and reliable communication method, Fonrich arc detector can cooperate with combiner boxes, DC cabinets, telecommunication equipment rooms, communication base stations and other equipment, and can immediately send an early warning signal when a harmful arc is detected, and drive the breakout device on the circuit breaker , cut off the fault circuit, realize the arc detection of the photovoltaic DC system string, accurately locate the arc fault, and effectively prevent the fire caused by the arc.
  • Renovation of old power stations
    Fonrich engineers have carried out a detailed and thorough preliminary investigation of the renovation project. The number of combiner boxes on the roof of this project is small but scattered. If the traditional wired communication method is used, the following problems may occur: 1. It affects the aesthetics of the building; 2. . Due to site factors, a large amount of 485 lines are required to affect the economic benefits of the project; 3. The communication distance between the roof and the roof of this project is short, and most of the blocking factors are the height difference between the roofs, which may lead to irregular wiring and affect communication quality.
  • Solve the problem of high cost of technical transformation of old power stations - Fonrich PLC communication solution
    FR-DCMG-MMPL power line carrier communication products are mainly used in DC power transmission, distribution and other occasions, such as photovoltaic combiner boxes, DC cabinets, telecommunication equipment rooms and communication base stations. Collect node data through power line carrier, and then communicate with the host computer through RS485. Its main functions include real-time monitoring of each branch current, bus voltage, box temperature, lightning arrester status and DC circuit breaker status in the DC system. It can realize automatic alarm of abnormal state and so on.
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