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Philippines 80V Solar Rapid Shutdown Inverter

 Key Features :
  • PV module shortly shutdown assembly NEC 2017 & 2020 (690.12) requirements
  • Bidirectional PLC communication
  • PV module monitoring: on/off status, temperature, voltage, current, electrical energy etc.
  • Advanced monitoring: inverter performance, module shading, module degradation, soiling
  • Series and parallel arc fault detection, safety and location
  • Leak/Ground fault detection and shut by

     PV Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) is one of the necessary safety elements of disbursed photovoltaic system. Its essential attribute is to ward off the voltage of 30cm away from the PV module to under 30V indoors 30s after the shutdown computing device is started.When the growing the shut through the use of the PV module is positioned requires renovation or firefighting, it can successfully cease manageable security risks such as electric powered  shocks, and shield the lives of safety personnel and firefighters.

System Components


PV Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) is instead composed of the following PV swiftly shutdown devices:

1. Tail Module(FR-PVMS-Txxx): A speedy shutdown module with monitoring, which can all of sudden shut down the PV strings and transmit the archives of the PV strings to the head module with the really useful beneficial aid of the PLC signal.

2. Head Module(FR-PVMS-Hxx): Controls the tail module with the in reality useful advisable useful resource of the PLC signal, and transmit the files to the imperative controller with the recommended beneficial aid of the use of way of RS485.

3. Main Controller(FR-PVMS-Mxxx): Displays the electrical electrical energy and tremendous files of the PV strings, and transmit the facts to the cloud platform at the equal time. Users can remotely control it via the telephone smartphone APP(SafeSolar).

Application Diagram


Key Technical Specifications

Component Model Item Parameter
Tail Module FR-PVMS-TSXX Input operating voltage range 12V-60V
Accuracy of voltage measuring ±0.2V
Maximum System Voltage 1500V
Output voltage after shutdown V(input)/100
Maximum cont. input current
Reverse current 25A
Accuracy of current measuring ±0.05A
Communication PLC
Communication capability, the
length of cable loop
Operating temperature 40℃~ +80℃
Enclosure Rating NEMA Type 6P/IP68
Safety Compliance UL 1741 (Ed.2, Rev. February 15, 2018),CSA
C22.2 No. 330-17






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