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England 90V Solar Rapid Shutdown Device

Key Features 
  • PV module rapid shutdown meeting NEC 2017 & 2020 (690.12) requirements
  • Bidirectional PLC communication 
  • PV module monitoring: on/off status, temperature, voltage, current, power etc. 
  • Advanced monitoring: inverter performance, module shading, module degradation, soiling 
  • Series and parallel arc fault detection, protection and location 
  • Leak/Ground fault detection and location

PV Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) is one of the imperative protection elements of disbursed photovoltaic system. Its fundamental attribute is to decrease the voltage of 30cm away from the PV module to beneath 30V internal 30s after the shutdown device is started.When the developing the region the PV module is located requires protection or firefighting, it can successfully forestall attainable protection dangers such as electric powered powered powered shocks, and defend the lives of renovation personnel and firefighters.

System Components


PV Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) is as an alternative composed of the following PV hastily shutdown devices:

1. Safety Controller(FR-PVMS-Txxx): A rapid shutdown module with monitoring, which can rapidly shut down the PV strings and transmit the statistics of the PV strings to the head module through way of the use of the PLC signal.

2. PLC Transceiver(FR-PVMS-Hxx): Controls the tail module by the utilization of the PLC signal, and transmit the archives to the predominant controller with the really helpful resource of RS485.

3. Monitor(FR-PVMS-Mxxx): Displays the power and one-of-a-kind data of the PV strings, and transmit the facts to the cloud platform at the same time. Users can remotely manipulate it with the resource of way of the utilization of the  APP(SafeSolar).

Application Diagram


Datasheet Download

Safety Controller_FR-PVMS-TFQB_V1.6.pdf

Smart Transceiver_FR-PVMS-HKB_V1.4.pdf


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