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Solution Cases

Success speaks for itself.


See why more people are choosing Enphase for their commercial projects.

  • The Enphase IQ 7+ microinverters were installed on this solar energy plant for a system of 128 KW total installed power. The main challenges for the installation were limited area, and shade issues on the roof of their store.About Hammond ElectricHammond Electric has been a full service electrical c

  • Through a safe and reliable communication method, Fengzhi arc detector can cooperate with combiner boxes, DC cabinets, telecommunication equipment rooms, communication base stations and other equipment, and can immediately send an early warning signal when a harmful arc is detected, and drive the br

  • In recent years, with the popularity of photovoltaics, more and more roofs have been covered with photovoltaics. However, whether at home or abroad, the incident of photovoltaic power plants on fire occurs frequently. Among them, 80% of the fires in the power station are caused by the fault of the D





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