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Arc Detector | Escort for Rooftop Photovoltaic Safety

Arc Detector | Escort for Rooftop Photovoltaic Safety

Through a safe and reliable communication method, Fengzhi arc detector can cooperate with combiner boxes, DC cabinets, telecommunication equipment rooms, communication base stations and other equipment, and can immediately send an early warning signal when a harmful arc is detected, and drive the breakout device on the circuit breaker , cut off the fault circuit, realize the arc detection of the photovoltaic DC system string, accurately locate the arc fault, and effectively prevent the fire caused by the arc.

Product Tips

The specific product features of Fengzhi arc detector are as follows:

➤ Modular design: each arc sensor has 4 channels; each combiner box monitor can integrate 6 arc sensors.

➤ Effectively identify any channel arc and bus arc

➤ The maximum measurable channel current is ±20A

➤ Strong adaptability: the alarm signal is open-drain output

➤ Remote alarm indication: read arc alarm status remotely via Modbus

➤ Through-hole isolation measurement: strong isolation capability, effectively avoiding crosstalk between channels

➤ Sensor and PCB housing protection: high reliability and beautiful appearance

➤ Rail-type design: easy and reliable installation

➤ With Fengzhi inverter, the battery module can be turned off

Actual combiner box installation renderings:






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