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An important part of photovoltaic power station intelligence, component-level monitoring


    In recent years, in order to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power plants, the power of photovoltaic modules has become larger and larger. With the increasing size of silicon wafers and the increasing efficiency of cells, it is inevitable that the current of components will continue to increase. Module-level monitoring is imperative due to its direct impact on power generation efficiency.

1.Serious power loss of components

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    According to statistics, in the entire power generation process, in addition to the power generation loss caused by equipment and lines from the combiner box to the transformer, the power generation loss caused by the photovoltaic module itself is extremely large and even accounts for 20%. If these component problems can be solved in time, it can bring about Very considerable power generation income.

2.Problem component location is ambiguous

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Simply relying on thermal induction to analyze component problems has limitations

·Hot weather can affect test results

·When there is a problem with the component, the temperature rise is not necessarily obvious, such as a crack

·Difficulty detecting small occluders

·Components cannot be monitored in real time

3.Component status analysis lacks data support

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    We all know that when components are exposed to problems such as occlusion, dust, shadows or defects, power generation can be significantly reduced. These situations require large amounts of component-level monitoring data to model for analysis. For example, the power generation will only be affected when the component dust accumulates to a certain thickness, which can only be visually measured or estimated at present. If there is corresponding information on the power generation of the components, the operation and maintenance personnel can judge whether to carry out the cleaning operation according to the power generation of the components.

4.Components need to be modeled for intelligent analysis

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Only by keeping the modules in a good and lasting state can the power generation revenue be guaranteed, and the intelligent operation and maintenance of the entire photovoltaic power station can be completed by establishing a data model and monitoring the status of the modules in real time for intelligent analysis.

5.Design example


PLC communication technology can upload the data information of each component to the cloud server in real time, judge the status of components through big data analysis and data modules, analyze component problems and location positioning in time, thereby improving operation and maintenance efficiency and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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