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1000V EU PV Rapid Shutdown Switch

Leading features
  • Meet NEC 2017 & 2020 (690.12) requirement
  • Integrated current, voltage, temperature, electrical energy and particular real-time monitoring functions
  • High-speed two-way PLC communication, unexpectedly scan every and each and every photovoltaic module
  • The indispensable manipulate self-discipline LCD suggests the popularity and archives of each PV module
  • Integrated PV shutdown and power-on switch, saving system cost
  • Ethernet, WiFi cloud connection cellular phone app

PV RSD-Tail Module

Fonrich PV Rapid Shutdown, Meets NEC 2017 & 2020(690.12) requirements, can suddenly or manually shut off the DC excessive voltage to guard the protection of furnace and safety personnel in the match of a furnace or Others crisis. At the equal time, it integrates Fonrich factor monitoring, arc detection, and insulation detection utilized sciences to expose issue voltages, string currents, and battery panel temperature documents in proper time, and to recognize string/parallel arc dangers and string insulation failure risks.


This client information describes in component the set up and operation of PV Rapid Shutdown System(PVRSS). Before inserting in and going for walks the equipment, you ought to take a look at and understand all the instructions and be acquainted with the relevant safety in relevant paragraph

  • Do no longer contact any aspects exceptional than these required for wiring all thru installation.

  • All electrical connections have to meet the electrical necessities of the united states or vicinity the region they are located.

  • Make positive that the alternate of the critical controller or main manipulate discipline is OFF at some stage in the configuration process.

Safety Precautions

To prevent private damage and property damage, look at this region cautiously and appear at all safety statistics at all times.

Requirements of operators Operators need to have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of how PVRSS works and is operated.

  • Training in how to deal with the dangers and risks associated with installing, the utilization of electrical devices andinstallations.

  • Knowledge of and compliance with this report and all safety facts

Application Diagram


Key Technical Specifications

Component Model Item Parameter
Tail Module FR-PVMS-TSXX Input operating voltage range 12V-60V
Accuracy of voltage measuring ±0.2V
Maximum System Voltage 1500V
Output voltage after shutdown V(input)/100
Maximum cont. input current
Reverse current 25A
Accuracy of current measuring ±0.05A
Communication PLC
Communication capability, the
length of cable loop
Operating temperature 40℃~ +80℃
Enclosure Rating NEMA Type 6P/IP68
Safety Compliance UL 1741 (Ed.2, Rev. February 15, 2018),CSA
C22.2 No. 330-17






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