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Fonrich Shines at 2023 SNEC Energy Storage Expo with Latest MLPE Technology

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On November 1, the 8th SNEC International Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition of 2023 grandly opened in Shanghai. Numerous leading international energy storage companies gathered to showcase the latest achievements and application experiences in energy storage technology, collectively leading and promoting the development of the energy storage industry. At this exhibition, Fonrich New Energy introduced its latest MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) leading technology products, including the smart shutdown & safety protection device, smart safety optimizer, and AFCI arc fault protection box.

Fonrich captured significant attention at the exhibition with its meticulously designed products, market-leading performance, and efficient solutions. The booth was bustling with visitors, reflecting high levels of interest.

As carbon neutrality becomes a global initiative, the transition to a green, low-carbon energy structure is accelerating. All Fonrich products focus on the design philosophy of “extreme efficiency, extreme safety, and extreme adaptability,” creating systematic solutions for distributed MLPE applicable to various scenarios such as DC photovoltaic power generation, user-side applications, and grid-side applications. This supports energy storage systems, increases photovoltaic benefits, and ensures system safety, providing customers with more stable returns.

The development model of photovoltaic power plants has shifted from extensive to refined, imposing higher requirements on management models. Distributed photovoltaic power plants, in particular, face increased management complexity due to dispersed layouts and local climate and environmental changes affecting power generation capacity.

Some modules in photovoltaic power plants may reduce the entire string’s power generation due to issues such as shading, obstructions, inconsistent orientation, and hotspots. In severe cases, this can further damage the system. Addressing these pain points, Fonrich New Energy employs intelligent photovoltaic curve matching technology to track each component’s maximum power point, eliminating power loss due to module mismatch and effectively ensuring power plant revenue.

In simpler terms, this solution addresses the “weakest link” effect in strings by refining control precision to each photovoltaic component, providing “one-on-one management” to achieve independent optimal power generation. Test results show that installing Fonrich’s smart photovoltaic optimizers can increase power generation by 5%-25%, and they are compatible with any third-party inverters.

Another major challenge in achieving refined management of photovoltaics is safety. Fire is the greatest safety hazard for photovoltaic power plants. In the event of a fire, not only is there a loss of power plant costs and generation revenue, but in severe cases, it can also cause damage to buildings and personal injury.

Statistics indicate that over 80% of photovoltaic power plant fires are caused by DC high-voltage arcs. Photovoltaic power plants have many connectors plugged together, and issues such as connector disengagement, device aging, insulation breakdown, and poor grounding can produce DC arcs. Unlike AC arcs that extinguish at zero-crossing points, DC arcs do not automatically extinguish once generated, easily causing fires.

To prevent such incidents, it is crucial to reduce the rooftop voltage to a safe level at the first sign of danger, addressing the issue at the voltage source.

To this end, Fonrich New Energy has integrated arc detection and interruption technology (AFCI) into its module-level rapid shutdown devices, which can identify and cut off arcs at each module as soon as they occur, ensuring the safety of distributed photovoltaic systems.

Currently, Fonrich is further exploring the digital intelligence field. Its independently developed SafeSolar intelligent operation and maintenance system leverages big data and IoT technology to provide real-time data monitoring, arc fault detection, active protection and fault location, data analysis, remote upgrade control, and other functions for Fonrich’s smart safety protection devices and smart photovoltaic optimizers. This allows users to remotely and timely understand the real-time and historical operation of photovoltaic power plants, promptly address faults, and further enhance the intelligence, safety, operational efficiency, and convenience of photovoltaic power plants.

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